Lillie’s Egg Hatches: Episode 14

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not read if you don’t want to know. If you haven’t watched the episode, watch it now:

Lillie’s egg hatched and a white Vulpix, the Alolan variant, is born!


Lillie is excited to see Vulpix, which she called Shiron while it was still an egg, but she still cannot touch Shiron because of her fear of Pokemon. Principal Oak runs into the classroom, holding the other egg and it hatches into the normal Vulpix. Pikachu and all the Pokemon welcome the two Vulpixes but Shiron is still shy and uneasy among the Pokemon.

When school ended, Lillie brought Shiron out on a walk and she buys Malasada for Shiron. This time, Team Rocket sees Shiron and plots to catch her.

When Lillie and Shiron leave the shop, they meet Team Rocket and run away from them. After fighting back and running, they reach a dead end, a wall on a high building. Team Rocket attacks and Shiron is flung over the wall. Lillie jumps over the wall and catches Shiron mid-air. Suddenly they were rescued by Ash’s Rowlet. Apparently, Ash and Mallow followed Lillie to make sure she was alright.

Shiron fights Team Rocket, freezing them in a big block of ice. This time, Kiteruguma, the big pink bear, grabbed Team Rocket and brought them back to her lair.

Lillie realizes that she can touch Shiron but she still can’t touch Pokemon in general. The story ends with her hugging Shiron.



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